// Travel Bliss: Paris je t’aime//

Best for last? My month of Euro travel came to a glorious end with a week in the City of Lights. Paris has been number one on my travel bucket list forever now, so it felt so amazing to finally be there and experience it for myself. As a self admitted Francophile, I fell in love with the food, the wine, the language, the people, the views, the galleries, the art and atmosphere down to the last detail. Someone once said that, “Paris is always a good idea”. I couldn’t agree more and this girl will definitely be back someday…au revoir au prochaine fois! 


































Whew! Whoa quite the picture overload but that’s it for travel photos for now, hope you enjoyed the little peek into my European adventures…

// all photos by Joanna Staniszewski //

// Travel Bliss: Poland//

After a week in Berlin, it was time to head east to my Motherland :) My family is Polish on both sides, so coming back to the country (after 23 years!) felt like a real homecoming. Visiting with family and seeing where my Mom grew up in a town called Swiebodzice was really wonderful. I feel like I have a better insight into my own history and understand my roots a little more than I would have otherwise. We drove North across the whole country to Sopot for some beach relaxation and to catch a couple of Euro Cup soccer matches live. Wow those Europeans love their soccer, I mean football :) And I can safely say that I love Polska! 


























// all photos by Joanna Staniszewski //

// Travel Bliss: Berlin//

Wow. What a trip. I’m back from exploring some of Europe and I have the pictures to prove it :) I love wandering around a city with my camera and getting some really memorable shots that define the trip in my memory. Equally as fun are the nights when you leave your camera behind and step from the role of tourist into one of a local. Chatting with locals and trying to make myself understood is always the most challenging and the most rewarding part of travelling for me. I’m going to break up my posts by country, so stay tuned for Poland and France, but without further ado, here are some of my favourite inspiring shots from Germany:

















// all photos by Joanna Staniszewski //

// Up and Away//

Oh I’m so excited! Leaving tomorrow for travels, a month in Europe with my sister and brother-in-law…Going to be checking out Germany, Poland and at the end of the trip, a week in Paris all by my lonesome :) 


I have those wonderful pre-travelling jitters right now, last minute packing etc…I can’t wait to get in the air and get my European sight-seeing on! I’ll be taking a million pictures which I’ll be sure to share on my return!

// photo via pinterest //

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